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Surface plates and stands Sets of stand with granite plates Stand 1000x2000x790 with granite plate 1000x1000x100 – DIN 876/00

Stand 1000x2000x790 with granite plate 1000x1000x100 – DIN 876/00


Catalogue number:TS10-220009
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Product description and parameters

These stands can be adjusted according to customer"s needs, drawings etc.

  • Stand"s working heigh without surface plate and supports: 790 mm
  • Made of jäckel with dimensions 60x60 mm
  • It is possible to equalize the unevenness of floor and stand separately

Our granite surface plates are made of the highest-quality black granite according to strict standards. The flatness deviation corresponds to DIN 876. Granite plates are supplied with a measurement protocol, including a 3D map.


  • High precision and reliable shape and dimensional stability under standard temperature conditions
  • No rust
  • High wear-resistant black granite guarantees long service life
  • Non-magnetic
  • The mirror-smooth surface allows smooth movement of the measured part or gauge during measurement

On request:

  • Dimensions larger than 2000x1500x300 mm.
  • Special features (thread sleeves, steel grooves, holes etc.)
  • Granite surface plates of accuracy class 000.

Surface plate instalation:

  • Technician on the road: 400 CZK excl. VAT / 1 Hour
  • Distance: 7 CZK excl. VAT / 1 Km


Specific weight / density 2970-3070 kg/m³
Tensile strength 245-254 MPa
Flexibility 120-127 GPa
Coefficient of expansion 4,61 x 10-/ ˚C
Water absorption ≤ 0,07 %
Hardness in Shore over 70 Hs

Production tolerances (L is the length in mm):

Accuracy grade Formula
000 (0,003 x L + 2,5)/4 µm 
00 (0,003 x L + 2,5)/2 µm
0 (0,003 x L + 2,5) µm 
1 (0,003 x L + 5) µm

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