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Angular, clamping and square products Electro-permanent magnetic chucks Electro-permanent magnetic chuck 420x430x60 mm with 36 square poles - 50x50 mm (without control unit)

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck 420x430x60 mm with 36 square poles - 50x50 mm (without control unit)


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Product description and parameters


The ULTRA QUAD magnetic clamping system guarantees flexibility and fast positioning of the piece when working on CNC machines. Its square pole technology ensures an even magnetic clamping. The high clamping capacity allows different kinds of operations on work pieces such as moulding and forging. What makes the UQ system innovative and unique is the possibility of dramatically reducing machining and idle times.

A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Poles Pole force (daN)
420 430 60 36 13 680

* Data refer in direct contact with the fullmagnetic area at: 0 mm air-gap


One of the many advantages offered by UQ is the possibility of machining five faces simultaneously. Contouring and through drilling is achieved using a bed of fix polar extensions. (A) Another great advantage is represented by the mobile polar extensions (B) which are ideal for raw pieces or pieces with irregular surfaces:


• They perfectly adapt to the work piece surface thanks to a flexible magnetic bed
• Quick and even shimming of the work piece
• Distortion-free clamping
• Longer life of tools
• Excellent planarity of the work piece

Technical features:

  • Pole pitch: 80 mm
  • Mounting hole in the chuck: M8
  • Gauss force measured in: 8.000 gap - 1,5 mm
  • Nominal vertical pole force: 820 daN
  • Minimum suggested thickness: 16 mm
  • Minimum piece size: 15x15 cm = 225 cm2


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